Campus Facilities

Pre School Classrooms – All Pre-School Classrooms are fully air-conditioned, carpeted and has tiles all around with own comfort room for the convenience of our young students. Nicely decorated with imported toys, unique charts, posters and books all imported from the USA. Our Pre-School Classrooms are colorful and have lively ambiance conducive for learning. 

Grade School & JHS, SHS Classrooms – All Grade School, Junior High School and Senior High School Classrooms are fully air-conditioned, spacious classrooms for students to actively participate in class. Classrooms are very conducive for learning, comfortable for all students, nicely decorated with different charts and posters that engage students to learn. All classrooms come with a SMART TV for active participation and for students to easily grasp their lessons.

Discovery Room – This is one the most unique features in the school. The school does not only give importance to academics but also on other skills that kids need to develop at a very young age. This room is equipped with a wide range of toys and books imported from the USA, Fully air-conditioned, spacious room for kids to interact with each other, Carpeted Floors, Helps students develop cognitive and motor skills (Push/Pull, Twist/Turn), Enables children to exercise how to control from their hands to their fingers, Develops hand and eye coordination, Develops their social skills. Kids learn how to share and socialize through our discovery Room.

Playground – The school playground is equipped with a Castle-Slide and Ponies and adequate space for children to play on the grass. It helps children to interact socially with other kids. This develops the child’s motor skills, enhances communication skills. Students can run and play freely on the school ground secured with CCTV and security guard.

Computer Lab – Equipped with 100 mbps for students to use for educational purposes. This is where students are taught how to use computers effectively & efficiently.

Speech Lab – One of the most unique facilities in the school. Advance technology to improve the communication skills of the students. Teacher can directly address the students’ pronunciation, intonation and enunciation and immediately give correction. This quickly enhances the English proficiency of students.

Science Lab – One of the first science labs with complete equipment among International schools in the city. It is supplied with a wide range of equipment for studying chemistry.  A very spacious lab displaying science projects & experiments one by students. It gives our students hands on learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students retain knowledge longer when they see experiments performed in front of them.

Home Economics Room – A room that resembles a house complete with furniture and appliances equipped with bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. Students are taught how to cook, fix bed, etc.  Students can identify and use proper tableware. Students are also taught proper manners and etiquette. Students learn and apply lessons they have learned in the classroom in real life.

Library- A very spacious library, books are imported from the USA. There is Online learning available for students. The library can occupy a lot of students. Students can do their research and learn more in the library. Students can develop their love for reading through the library. This enhances Vocabulary, Grammar and Imagination. In partnership with Scholastic, we have a “Scholastic Reading Corner” which is composed of books all from Scholastic. Students are encouraged to read 20 books or more to receive a price from Scholastic.

Audio Visual Room (AVR) – A theatre like room, very spacious, fully air-conditioned, Can accommodate a lot of students and very comfortable. This is where students can watch school related films and other media related to their lessons.

Canteen – Serves freshly cooked food. They have a variety of meals and at an affordable price. Spacious canteen can accommodate a lot of students, parents and faculty. Nutritious and delicious meals are served.  Students can acquire a balanced diet because of the variety of food that is served.